Entered into on ______20__by__________________amount pd__________

Between Mid-Dakota Storage for unit Number____in Pierre or Ft Pierre SD.


                             Monthly Rent__________   Starting___________________


Landlord Mailing address:  Mid-Dakota Storage, 101 E. Capital Ave.

            Pierre, SD 57501 Business Phone (605 224-7963)

The RENTER agrees to the following:

1.  The lease is automatically renewed month to month upon payment of rent due

2.  One Month written notice before 1st of Month shall be given prior to vacating the premises

After the initial___month lease.  The moving day is to be on or before the last day of the month with

No proration for moving early (you pay the full month”s rent). Example: If you plan to move on July 31;

You must give notice on or before June 30th; if you give notice late (say July 10th) that means you are

obligated to pay July’s rent and also August’s rent.

  3.       The rental period is from the 1st day to the last day of the month, inclusive. (Month to Month).


 4.        Monthly rent shall be paid on or before the 1st of the month:  a Finance charge of $5.00 will be paid if the

            Rent is not paid by the 15th day of the month.  A $30.00 charge plus tax is made for returned checks.


5.         Failure to pay the rent creates a lien on the stored property, which will be sold or disposed of pursuant to

             SDCL ch. 44-14.  Renter agrees that access to the storage unit will be denied upon failure to pay rent.


6.          No unlawful or other disruptive activities! (Not to interfere with rights of other tenants).


7.          Tenant shall not make any changes to the storage unit of permanent nature without the permission of the

             Landlord.  Unit must be maintained in the same general condition as it was when rented.


8.          The tenant assumes all risks, damages and losses to any of their property located in or outside the leased

             Premises from any cause.  Tenant agrees that it is their responsibility to carry Renters Personal Property

             And liability Insurance.


9.          If the renter violates any terms of the lease, the landlord shall have all remedies available under South

             Dakota law and the right to take possession and dispose of the contents and recover damages and

             Reasonable cost, collection fees and attorney’s fees and will be subject to eviction.


If the renter fails to abide by the stipulations set forth in this contract, the landlord reserves the right to give the

Renter a reasonable length of time (3 days or less depending on violation) to vacate the premises and the renter

Agrees to honor the request.  If the landlord finds it necessary to take such action, he may at his discretion refund

Any unused portion of the rent for that month.  It is further agreed that the renter is responsible for damages and/or cleaning expenses to the storage unit.

                                                            This is a legally binding contract.  Read carefully before signing.


Renter:____________________________________ Date___________Landlord_____________________________











Storage Rules & Information


  1. No heaters of any type are allowed to be used inside the units.
  2. No hazardous or highly combustible materials can be stored in units.
  3. No major overhauling of vehicles, oil changes, or similar activities.  Some selected

  Units are exempt from this rule with written permission.

  1. No outside storage of items by your unit.
  2. Cars, boats, RV’s campers, etc.  The battery shall be disconnected when stored for

  Longer that 1 month without moving.  This is a precaution against electrical fires, etc.         

  1. Water or snow can blow around door openings during storms.
  2. Storage of items directly on concrete floors can sometimes absorb moisture and possibly

  cause damage to those items.





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